Boat Builder
Joyce E. Martin
H 5.25in x W 10.75in
"In the spring of 2000 I met a fellow that was completing his peapod boat at the Carpenter's Boat Shop near Round Pond Harbour, Maine." - Joyce Martin "Very often Mom and Dad had delivered their intaglio prints and oil paintings to different art galleries and shops along the Eastern seaboard of the Atlantic. Making stops in New Brunswick, Maine, and Massachusetts; this gave them the chance to receive feedback from gallery owners on their latest works, each spring or fall. Frequent stops at different attractions in the area, like the Carpenter's Boat Shop, were usually recommended by friends living in that area. This was also a time to break free of the studio and gallery they shared in Halls Harbour. Saving money on shipping the product, meant money for art supplies like sheets of copper or archival Arches rag paper." - Trisha Neville