Here Comes the Bus!
Joyce E. Martin
H 6in x W 8in
"Growing up in Halls Harbour for my sister and I meant a very long bus ride off the North Mountain and into the Annapolis Valley each day for class. Six families lived in Halls Harbour during the colder months, including ours. Mom or Dad would sit beside the front windows of the house sipping coffee, and it would be 'announced' when the bus was traveling down the other side of the harbour hill, giving us enough time to quickly run down to the bus stop and preventing us from having to stand in the cold, and very often wet, wind that beats the Bay of Fundy coastline. In the spring a few months prior to Moms stroke in 2006, there had been heavy rain for days. Part of her everyday routine was to walk the family dog, have a chat with the fishermen at the wharf and take a mental note of any changes in and around the harbour. On that day there were very high tides and she did notice the land bridge across the harbour was washing out and would not support the weight of a vehicle. She contacted the local fire department and the District School Board, thus closing the road preventing the school bus from crossing a very dangerous section of road. " - Trisha Neville