Twilight at Dyce's Light
Anna W. Syperek
H 4.5in x W 12in
In this image of a wooden boat sailing in to harbour, I achieved the brilliant colours of the evening sky by using the Chine Colle method. The etched and aquatinted copper plate is inked in a dark blue, and then before I run it through the etching press, I carefully lay on the plate a piece of Japanese kozo paper that I have previously painted in watercolour with the sunset colours. I then brush on some wheat starch glue, trim the edges with a knife to insure that the kozo paper is exactly the same size as the etching plate, lay over it a piece of heavier Arches printing paper, and crank it through the press. The image on the fairly transparent kozo paper is then permanently laminated to the heavier paper and the colours on it sing with the white printing paper behind it.