Heron Moon
Anna W. Syperek
H 5in x W 3in
This is a two plate lino cut. When you use any of the relief techniques (lino, woodcut, wood engraving, potato print etc.), you are cutting away the parts you don't want printed and then rolling ink over the raised surfaces that remain. Then you lay paper over the plate and run it through a press, or, in my case, I rub the back of the print with a spoon, transferring the ink to the paper. When it dries, you can repeat the process with the next plate for a two plate image, making sure that it is registered correctly. (This is where we tear our hair out as it is very fussy!) In this print, the first plate was the sky, with only the moon cut out to show the warm paper behind. The layered colouring is called a "rainbow roll". This is achieved by squirting out three different colours (mixed by me to the right tone) on the glass palette and then, using a small brayer, rolling them together smoothly, but keeping the colours just blended enough to keep the tones somewhat separate. Then I roll it evenly on the plate and print it.