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June 16, 2018
"Women's Work", not what you may think. Clebrating our female artists, this exhibiton features painting to pottery, felting, figurative sculpture, carving , jewellery, hooking and more. The common thread - the 'thing' that binds this collection, is the talent, imagination, and passion of the women who created it.

On the suject of 'women's work' ... we recently received "Roxanne", a new paintiing by Steven Rhude (see our HOME page), who's subject and timing struck us funny. Why? Read on ...

Who was Roxanne? We know one thing for sure; a myth originated in the Canso, NS area during WW2 about a local prostitute who was bemoaning the downturn in business since most of the available men had gone overseas to fight. An idea occurred to Roxanne to spread a rumor that a German sub had been spotted off the shores of Canso. This caused great concern since the Commercial Cable building in nearby Hazel Hill was a major communications link with Europe. The rumor quickly spread up through the ranks and extra Canadian troops were sent in to protect the facility. Naturally, business improved for Roxanne, and her myth grew after the war. -Steven Rhude

... a sometimes painfully beautiful place
Deanne Fitzpatrick, Laura Kenney and Steven Rhude
July 21 - August 18
Openign Reception, July 21st 2-4 pm

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